Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a 'help' for keeping perspective

Thought i'd take a brief hiatis from the commentary on my firefighting journey and share this video with anyone who actually reads this :) Just given some good perspective from my BIC (brother in Christ) Matt Chandler in this vidoe he posted just before going in for his brain surgery.  Strange to be asking the same kinda questions he must be asking of God, but about vastly different things.  Harder to struggle under not getting a job yet when he is struggling under if this is where he 'sheds this mortal coil' and meets his Lord and Saviour.  May his final statement about where his treasure truly lies be mine and yours as well: that whatever our hopes and dreams may be for this life, "they are not better than Him".   Solus Christus.
Here is the link:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Survey says ... not here or now.

So, after much waiting and wondering, I get "the e-mail" in the inbox that stops the party before you even open it with the subject "Thank You No Interview".  I mean, at least let me open the thing first to find out i didn't get it; let me have some time to ease into it before the bucket of water drops ;)
In case i haven't made it clear, i didn't get the interview for Vancouver, and now i get to work through that messy emotional response vs. theological response.  It's not right to pretend i don't feel disappointed or angry but it is also irresponsible and foolish to ignore all that i know from Scripture of God's sovereign dealings with us.  This, apparently, is what gives God most glory right now and so (like it or not) i must learn to be content whatever my circumstance.  I don't have to "see it"  or "get it" - just trust that He is faithful and good.  Ok.  So?  Where to now?