Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Survey says ... not here or now.

So, after much waiting and wondering, I get "the e-mail" in the inbox that stops the party before you even open it with the subject "Thank You No Interview".  I mean, at least let me open the thing first to find out i didn't get it; let me have some time to ease into it before the bucket of water drops ;)
In case i haven't made it clear, i didn't get the interview for Vancouver, and now i get to work through that messy emotional response vs. theological response.  It's not right to pretend i don't feel disappointed or angry but it is also irresponsible and foolish to ignore all that i know from Scripture of God's sovereign dealings with us.  This, apparently, is what gives God most glory right now and so (like it or not) i must learn to be content whatever my circumstance.  I don't have to "see it"  or "get it" - just trust that He is faithful and good.  Ok.  So?  Where to now?

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  1. man they're brutal. i wouldve expected a kindly letter or something. sorry to hear that bro. anymore local opportunities out there to consider?