Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keeping focus

So here i sit at the start of a new year; filled with anticipation (and, yes, fear) at what God would have for me in career, in family, in life, in my walk with Him.  Two departments to apply to this month - Delta Fire and Emergency Services and Port Coquitlam Fire Rescue - and then a bunch more come the spring.
   I still believe strongly that this career is the direction God would have me follow.  But while the holiday break has been good, it has also made it more difficult to keep focus.  When you're working so hard at something and putting so much energy into it, and then take a break from it, it can make building momentum seem more difficult.  Anytime you try to start from 'zero' it's always hard, but even from a slowed pace it can be difficult, depending on the load.
Pray for me as i seek God's help to get back up to top speed and ask that He might give me a deep sense of assurance in His sovereign plan for my life.  Running into darkness is a thousand times less scary when you know someone you trust has already gone before you and is waiting on the other side.  Keep my family in your prayers as well.  They have been such an amazing support to me.  God grant me the blessing now of providing for them as You provide this job, ability, knowledge, life, breath to me.  Amen.

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